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Greywolfs Paper Models - Lots of RPG Tiles, and Flats, from Dungeon to Pirates and Space. Hawk Wargames - Nice commercial and residential downloadable paper model buildings for a game called Dropzone Commander. Junior General - Historic military RPGs. "Paper Soldiers" for a multitude of paper soldiers, terrain, houses & more. A cutting edge pen and paper RPG: Leap into a fresh adventure in Endless Realms, a New D10 pen-and-paper RPG. Feel the weight of your actions in tactical team-based combat that rewards strategy and taking risks.
Greetings VGR community! Football season's still going and I'm hating every last second of it! But that won't stop me from proudly presenting this week's update! Technical Consultancy from Goodboy, the creators of PixiJS Founder, Mat Groves can help you get the most out of PixiJS whether it be optimisation of an existing project or consultancy on best practice and coding efficiency.

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The Background page of RPG Life Sciences Ltd. captures the details on Company's Industry, Incorporation Date, Face Value, Registered Address, Web Site, Registrar, and Auditors information.
Aug 18, 2016 · Blue foam is an ideal construction material for wargames scenery. It is lightweight, easy to cut, sand and paint. We are offering 280mm x 280mm x 10mm sheets, stamped on both sides with a realistic texture that resembles stone blocks. Basic Fantasy RPG is an Open Source game system, supported by dedicated fans worldwide who have contributed hundreds of pages of rules supplements, adventure modules, and other useful and enjoyable game materials as seen on our downloads page. Whatever your game, you spend a lot of time looking at your character sheet so it's worth having a good one. We here present a surprisingly complete set of character sheets for Pathfinder RPG and for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 (see the small print below), covering hundreds of classes, along with familiars, spell books, NPCs and map templates.

ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG: Official Character Sheets Get started with character creation in ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG using our new form-fillable ZWEIHANDER Character Sheets! These new character sheets are presented in both horizontal and vertical formats as a PDF. Welcome to my Exalted character sheets. I hope you will enjoy using them and if you have any critics (good or bad) or problems you will email me - only that way will I be able to make them better for all of us.
RPG Maker VX Tileset Generator. I’m sure most of you have heard of the RPG Maker VX character generator but how many have heard about the tileset generator for RPG Maker VX? I stumbled on this website as I was looking for new resources for RPG Maker VX and as it turns out, it allows you to generate all sorts of roofs tileset. A free-falling character is effectively weightless in a microgravity or free-fall envi-ronment. The character can only move with access to hand-holds or a surface to push off from

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How to Create a Background. There are several ways you can approach character background. One approach is an organic method—brainstorming character details, guided by the questions in the following sections of this chapter. Alternatively, you might use the background generator, starting on page 16 to compile your history randomly. The background will change to this colour and you will be able to see how the colour appears in relation to other colours in the list. To return to a white background, just click the refresh button on your browser.
IRREGULARS RPG Character Sheet Player ... Background Basic Training Adv. Training Specialities Character Level Advances to Next Level OOOOO XP Points ... Aug 24, 2013 · I’ve created a four-page character sheet that you can print, based around the design concept from the characters in the Basic Game (which I thought was cleaner than the sheet found in the Core Rulebook). Future additions will include starships/vehicles, group sheets (including obligation tables), and NPC and encounter group generator. Create RPG Maps Anywhere! Throw away that graph paper, Ye Olde Map Maker lets you create quick and easy maps for your RPG adventures. Design and print RPG game maps on any device with thousands of maps instantly available.