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Maria Kaltcheva for the manuscript BMPs are direct triggers of interdigital programmed cell death Developmental Biology 411(2): 266-276 (15 March 2016) Kyle Martin for the manuscript An ancient dental gene set governs development and continuous regeneration of teeth in sharks, Developmental Biology ...
Baker RP, Taormina MJ, Jemielita M, Parthasarathy R. (2015) A combined light sheet fluorescence and differential interference contrast microscope for live imaging of multicellular specimens. J Microsc, 258(2), 105-112. doi:10.1111/jmi.12220 PubMed.

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“Zebrafish light sheet microscopy for you and me” ... 2019 Midwest Zebrafish Meeting Sponsored by the University of Kentucky's College of Medicine, ... Real-Time Observation of Biological Processes using Light-sheet Microscopy Published on November 9, 2016 at 11:28 AM Sponsored Content by Cairn Research Limited
This conference marks the 10th Anniversary of Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) meetings that started in 2009 in Dresden. It will bring together the technology developers and users of light sheets, showcase the latest light sheet set-ups and how to best deploy them for the benefit of the biological research community. About. Biophotonics professional with more than 12 years of solid experience in a wide variety of microscopy techniques (widefield, confocal, multiphoton, light-sheet, FLIM, FRET, FRAP, FCS).

[email protected] Search form. Search Oct 11, 2017 · Preferred candidates will have backgrounds in light sheet and/or confocal microscopy as well as an interest in advanced imaging methods and the intersections of cell and developmental biology with ecology and evolution. Opportunities will exist to develop projects and assist in advanced imaging using C. elegans and zebrafish as well.
“Zebrafish light sheet microscopy for you and me” ... 2019 Midwest Zebrafish Meeting Sponsored by the University of Kentucky's College of Medicine, ... To address this, we made use of a model organism, the zebrafish, and a new optical imaging technique, light sheet fluorescence microscopy, to visualize for the first time the colonization of a live, vertebrate gut by specific bacteria with sufficient resolution to quantify the population over a range from a few individuals to tens of thousands ...

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Neuronal and cardiac imaging research team aims to develop innovative imaging methodologies for an increased understanding of biological events in brain and heart. Novel implementations of light-sheet microscopy are applied to resolve neuronal anatomy in whole fixed brains with cellular resolution. Exhibitor directory and list of 119 exhibiting companies participating in 2019 edition of SPIE Medical Imaging, San Diego to be held in February.
Zebrafish. ZF lines (AB unless otherwise stated) were bred and maintained at 28°C in recirculating water tanks on a regulated 14 hr light/10 hr dark cycle and were fed twice a day with brine shrimp. All experiments were performed in accordance with University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Animal Research Committee protocols. Imaging specialist with a focus on developing methods for quantitative microscopy: Main expertise is low-light, in vivo fluorescence microscopy and quantified image analysis, using different imaging modalities, multi-scale approaches and fluorescent proteins. For biomedical and environmental applications.